A Longer Longing Look

Almost always a longer look helps me in my present predicaments.

I have known for a long time that in the face of temptation a longer look is helpful.  The pleasure of sin is often short term and immediate, and the cost of sin is generally experienced further down the line.  Similarly, the cost of integrity and love is often immediate and the pleasure of love and integrity is often experienced further down the line.

Thinking further on this, how about when the issue is not one of moral weight, but of persevering perspective?  I think a longer look at my truest longings can persuade the impatient or frustrated me to persist in love and in trust.

Longer, Longing Look.  Choose longer.  Know my longings.  Take time to look.


One thought on “A Longer Longing Look

  1. This is the exactly what I’ve been needing to hear lately. God’s timing is funny 🙂 – and I’m so glad you shared Herb.

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