52, Imagine that!

Paula and Robin and I went to Prescotts in Rochester last night to celebrate my 52nd birthday.  52…  That is the age my father was when I was born.  I don’t know why this seems significant to me, but it has captured my attention.  I imagine Dad, my age, welcoming a new child (#10 to be sure, but nonetheless, a new child 🙂 )I imagine…

Imagination is a gift.  Ephesians 3 tells us that God does immeasurably more than all I can ask or imagine  That’s quite a bit!  More than anything, it is an invitation to use my imagination to envision a better future.  I know Dad did that for me.  When I was a small child, I climbed up onto his lap while he was writing the invocation for the welcoming ceremony for new students at Springfield College.  I became the inspiration for that invocation, and so I know Dad imagined my future as he invoked the Presence of God on that occasion.

Imagining the future motivates most of what I do.  Whether it is prayer or action, the future motivates my now.  Imagine a future with bread on the table, I will work for bread.  Imagine a future …  When imagination dies, so does energy and effort.  Part of the peril of urgent business is it curtails the imagination.  To be sure, there are urgent things that must be attended to, but if all of life is adrenaline and urgency, imagination dies, dreams die aborning, and the future is received instead of achieved.  Margin breeds imagination, imagination breeds vision, vision inspires prayerful action, and prayerful action brings forth a better world.  Assuming of course that my imagination runs in courses that are good, beautiful and true.


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