Water is there where heaven meets earth

Irene is coming. With family and friends on the East Coast my mind and heart are drawn there. I remember standing on the shore, looking out across the water and seeing at the horizon where heaven meets earth. Water is there. Sometimes there is a stillness upon the water. Sometimes the water is angry, roiling, foaming and loud. So it is when we meet God. And water is there too.

Frederick Buechner said: “Try this. Keep track of any event in the course of a week, a month, a year, that brings tears to your eyes. They may be happy moments or sad moments or moments that on the surface seem quite unremarkable, but in whichever case they are moments when you have been stirred to your roots, and it is there, at your roots, that God is at work in your life. Examine those moments with great care, ask why they brought tears, and you will learn much about God and about yourself too.”


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