Our Father- Expanded

Our Father,
Wow, we call you Father and you call us “Child!”
You are in heaven, high and lifted up,
and also with us.
Higher than our highest thoughts,
with us in our lowest lows.
Holy is your name –
and we get our name from you!
You are God,
you alone.
Will you reign on earth? –
We implore you!
Will you graciously intrude in our lives?
We invite you!
We trust you to give us what we need for our existence.
And so we ask you to give us yourself, Living Bread.
We need forgiveness from you,
please forgive us!
Forgiven, we forgive.
Everyone, for everything.
We are weak,
we would fail the tests without you.
Lead us carefully to you,
not to testing.
Evil grips us.
Free us.
Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory.
Now and Forever, Amen.


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