Here in Congo.

Here in Congo. Preached twice so far, once in Gemena on Sunday AM. 5 1/2 hour service 40 minute sermon w translation. This morning at the chapel in Karawa I spoke for about 10″.
It is warm, in multiple ways. The weather is hot and the people are warm. The warmth of Gods presence is palpable.
Nevertheless, contrast breeds teflection. What is poverty? Late this afternoon I walked with my friend Dave Williams out to the top of a gentle hill. A beautiful vista, and there were a bunch of kids playing soccer with a home made soccer ball. Poverty was not what I sensed. Dave and I reflected on the simplicity and peacefulness of the place.
But yet there is poverty, maybe not of spirit, but I saw people in the hospital unlikely to survive. Perishing for lack of medical resource. Limited power, doctors with heart and skill but not robust with breadth of experience or academic experience.
Poverty materially speaking, school fees and medical care being early casualties.
Blessed are the poor. Blessed are the poor in spirit. The gospel preached to the poor. Cross cultural friendship and brotherhood. Pondering still.


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