Congo update

What a fascinating journey! A trip is a place to go to and return from. A journey leaves us changed.

Today I met a 13 year old girl named Lundi. 3 months ago she had been severely burned on one side of her body. She was being transported several miles by her uncle who had lashed a chair to the back of a bicycle and was pushing the bicycle to the hospital here in Karawa. David and Debbie Williams (missionaries here in Karawa) just happened to be driving by in their mission truck and stopped. She was in shock, nearly dead. It is unlikely she would have survived the trip by bicycle. The medical team at Karawa Hospital went to work, without electricity and a fragile water supply they nevertheless were able to get her stabilized and when I met her today she is a happy, grateful and industrious teenager helping her family selling goods in the market.

A life saved, what will her future hold? Whatever it holds, it will be an actual future, thanks to Karawa Hospital.

How much more will be able to be done for others like Lundi when there is reliable power, reliable water, an economic engine and a stable political future. God is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, but he also uses us to do immeasurably more than we think we are capable of, especially when we are in it together.

So far the engineering work is progressing with insights and understanding being developed with the cooperative spirit and excellent capability of the people involved. A rebuilt hydraulic crimper has successfully been used to splice some faulty cable, a TDR (time domain reflectometry) and a MegOhmeter have been used to measure fundamental properties of the cable that will guide the teams work next week. Stay tuned, and keep us in prayer.

(Check out for a news story about a house fire that happened in the house we were supposed to be staying in that happened the day before we arrived)


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One thought on “Congo update

  1. Yikes! When Kay asked me how worried she should be about Jon & Drew’s trip and I said ¨not at all¨ I wasn’t thinking about exploding refrigerators. Thankful no one was hurt—- and that the Zulu work is progressing. Tikala malamu.

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