About Herb

I am a pastor of a medium size church in a medium size city in the Midwest of the United States.  Pastor is a vocation that I received early, but embraced later in life,  a scientist by training, a pastor by the irresistible grace of God.

The Scriptures are for me a portal to life that is truly life.  They are a principal means of access to the triune God and a principal means of access to understanding the sometimes more inscrutable me.  Someone said we are most aware of God when we are most aware of ourselves and it is this awareness, of self and of God, that is my pursuit.  It is my hope that growing deeper will strengthen roots that will also enable me to embrace and contribute to an expanding, including, community of love with God himself at the center.  (Thank you Dallas Willard).  I write this blog for myself, and hope that comments and interaction will help us on this journey.

Increasingly I find my heart and mind drawn to “cups of water for the least of these”.  In that vein, I serve on the board of SON International, a charitable endeavor to provide expanding access to filtered water in Tanzania.  Literal water, opening doors to the equally vital Living Water found in Christ.


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